Chair Electron by Konstantin Achkov

“The chair Electron is made of 18mm beech plywood cut with a CNC router. Geometric construction is a new way of making a puzzle chair. Each part is assembled like a puzzle without glue or screws. Plywood joints have a click pin shape. The tight textile is waterproof and has uv protection. The elements of the chair are flat-pack assembly.

‘The chair Electron is my first experiment making a chair with a textile seat and back and puzzle base. The side-view has a symmetrical geometric form that looks like the symbol of the electron. The chair is very stable, because the middle has a three-dimensional x-form structure.’” chair_electron_konstantin_achkov_2


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4 thoughts on “Chair Electron by Konstantin Achkov

July 8, 2014 Koen De Winter

Why is it that so many products made by CNC have become such examples of needless waste of material. This is not just another ugly, badly designed and uncomfortable chair. It produces more waste than product…it’s really sad.

Dear Konstantin, I do not know if making a chair is more difficult than producing a vase and I do not know why one would be interesting in comparing them…I know hat designing a chair is difficult and because of that I would restrain from making my first attempts to make a chair public. By choosing to do so you you will attract comments. As we say here: If you can not take the heat, don’t stay in the kitchen. To invoque mechancal structure and lightness to justify this construction is rather strange becuse the end result is not very light and from a mechanical point of view it certainly is not very smart.

Dear Koen,
directly in that case if you do not know if making a chairs is more difficult than producing a vase, I’m afraid that I don’t explain you nothing. Maybe you and I spell a different design languages !? Some questions. How you see on experiment in design and generally? How you make categorical valuation on objects, who you do not touch? How you judge that this chair is not smart from mechanical view an not very light for plywood chair? How much plywood flat-pack chair you made? What you give self-confidence, that give categorical judgment here?

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