CCD#1: Barter by Prang Lerttaweewit & Katrin Spranger

“CCD#1: Barter // Edible jewellery installation // at Bucks’N Barter // during Schmuck 2013

An ongoing alarming bee Colony Collapse Disorder challenges the conventional value perception of honey and its possible shift into precious jewellery material. The installation staged a future where no more honey could be produced and humankind would be left with the supply from the past. CCD#1: Barter invited the audiences for a trade-off between the possession of a jewellery piece and the pleasure of savouring.

CCD#1: Barter assessed that honey is not merely honey which occupies a supermarket shelf, but ‘pollination’ that is responsible for more than half of our food supplies. This interactive installation yielded a seamless experience from naivety to realisation and indicated of what we would end up living without, were shown in the empty packages. Strangely enough, we needed a lead in order to draw the connection between our rightful indulgence and the consequences of a threatened food chain. The work draws on the ecological principle of our interdependency to agriculture and nature. CCD#1: Barter was made of a 100% dehydrated honey and cast in food grade silicone molds.

There was an empty wine bottle.. yes, bees also pollinate grapes.” CCD-1-Barter-01






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