Caslon Collection by Brad Ascalon

“The Caslon collection is Brad Ascalon’s first partnership with a Swedish furniture producer, as well as Mitab’s first collaboration with an American design studio. The collection was inspired by the typeface of the same name.

There is a pure simplicity to the font, which draws the perfect balance of hard and soft, of pure geometry in its form and unexpected beauty in its details. The sofa is at first glance, simple, easily understandable, unadorned. But as one examines it in greater depth and with greater closeness, one begins to see the details – the stitching, the treatment of its upholstery, the attention given from every angle. Most importantly for the designer was, as was accomplished perfectly by the typeface centuries ago, to create both tension and balance between the hard and the soft, and to meld two dichotomies into one.

The end result is a design that will blend into any environment without saying too much, but while saying everything. From the designer’s perspective, this is the core DNA of Mitab – producers of simple, balanced and beautiful designs, those which don’t scream for attention because they don’t have to. It is a perfect first collaboration between Brad Ascalon and Mitab.” caslon_collection_brad_ascalon_02







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