Canada Goose X Eepmon Synthesis Parka

“The Canada Goose x eepmon collaboration brings together old world craftsmanship with modern design and technology to create a unique piece of wearable art. Although handmade artistry and digital design seemingly live at opposite ends of the spectrum, Canada Goose and eepmon are unified by authenticity and a dedication to artistic innovation. Proudly made in Canada, the Synthesis Parka is a fusion of analog and digital worlds, and is available in select Canada Goose authorized retailers around the world on November 27, 2013.

This exclusive collaboration between Canada Goose and eepmon, takes a classic parka silhouette and turns it into a canvas for the infinite mind of this prolific Canadian artist. Offering a high-performance style ideal for urban exploration, the parka showcases both functional and fashionable features such as a 2-way adjustable down hood, custom dyed grey fur ruff with blue topaz accents and an extraordinary lining showcasing the work of the artist eepmon himself.

A multidisciplinary Canadian artist who works at the intersection of fine arts, design and computer programming, eepmon has created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that artfully incorporates elements of the world around him. From iconic Canadian imagery like the maple leaf that shows a changing of the seasons, to ornate elements honouring the country’s relationship to the Queen, to distinct themes that celebrate eepmon’s Asian heritage, the Synthesis Parka showcases the beauty of Canada and its multi-cultural diaspora.”,



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Available Today! Get your Canada Goose Synthesis parka at Tip de Bruin Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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