Camper stores 2nd concept New York / Madrid by Nendo

“A new concept for Camper’s larger shops, following on our concept of ‘shoes that walk freely through the air’ developed for Camper’s small-scale shops in cities like Osaka, Paris, San Francisco and Moscow. The design concept for the large shops had faced a consistent challenge: in a high-ceilinged space, to use the upper part of a space with high ceilings. Our new approach was to make white resin models of the Pelotas shoe, a Camper stalwart, then to fully decorate walls with them, adding volume to the space as well as the orderly atmosphere of a storeroom. The shoes catch light pouring through the windows to cast shadows on the walls, giving the space a three-dimensional texture. We’ve created a shop interior with two types of shoes: products and interior materials.” camper_Madrid04




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