Branch Stool by Christoph Schindler

“The stool with the forked branches legs are a joint project of schindlersalmerón with carpentry Bereuter from the Bregenzer Forest. Martin Bereuter contacted schindlersalmerón in the summer of 2012 after coming across Christoph Schindler’s dissertation. Taking on thoughts sketched in the PhD, the collaboration focused on naturally grown wooden forms with the example of the forked branches:

Until the 19th century, naturally grown wooden form was a desired material for the construction of ship bodies, carriages and sledges. Grown to angled or forked form, these pieces demonstrate an outstanding performance due to their internal fibre orientation. Hence they were sometimes even more costly than straight pieces. The dawn of industry and the accompanying standardization of all processes and materials pushed the high performative but individual aside. All organisms of a tree that opposed classification werehenceforth considered as ‘wood defects’— although they are by no means defects in the system of a tree.

The collaboration addresses the question to what extent it is possible with the help of contemporary information technology to integrate individual grown forms into design concepts.

The concept of the presented Branch Stool was sketched during a workshop at a schindlersalmerón at KADK (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) in Copenhagen and was further developed in cooperation with the carpentry Bereuter towards a serial production.

The forked branches of the stool series were collected manually in the Uetliberg City Forest of Zurich. In order to achieve maximum contrast with the naturally grown forms, the seat was made of CNC milled MDF and abstracted additionally with a white powder coating.” branch_stool_christoph_schindler_02




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