Bramah & Cora Lighting Collection by David Weeks


From David Weeks:

Weeks began the Bramah Collection by commissioning his own proprietary extruded metal shape. He then took that unique piece and worked on it for months, cutting and shaping it to find the form that would become the collection’s wing-like shade.

The Bramah Chandlier is a large-scale ceiling fixture comprised of three elongated tiers that pivot from the center of the chrome-plated steel rod. Each tier measures 95” long, and each shade is balanced with it’s own counterweight to allow shades to self-level as the tiers see-saw up and down. The shades are laser cut aluminum that emits a warm light.

The Cora is a large scale floor lamp anchored by a hand-cut and polished granite base. The 84” chrome-plated arm can be adjusted from five feet up to eight feet tall. The shade is an oversized Boi shade balanced by a counterweight to keep it level as the arm raises and lowers. The Cora has a four-level touch dimmer system, activated by touching the arms of the lamp.

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