Boutonnière Lapel Pin by Omer Polak

“Since the beginning of mankind, flowers were used for various purposes including decoration and camouflage. Many flowers and their scents have gained recognition and appreciation and were attributed to different qualities. Decorative flower in a breast pocket is a cultural characteristic that traveled to the early 20th century as manly decoration symbolizing wealth and male fertility.

Boutonnière – a lapel pin for flower made out of glass and brass, contains water to keep the flower fresh all day long. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, the flower also spread its smell while being wearing. Suitable for wedding, prom or any special event.

By choosing the flowers you can give your own interpretation, you can use different variation of colors and odors in the flowers’ arrangement. It’s also nice and unique to use some herbs for decoration and perfumes.” boutonniere_lapel_pin_omer_polak_03





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