Boom Office by mode:lina studio


“This time designers of mode:lina have created a new working space.

‘I would like to have modern and minimalistic office, but also with my very personal touch. Maybe some cartoons? I like Lichtenstein’s style a lot and street art in general.’

Simple and minimalistic furniture fill up industrial character of the whole interior with all visible fittings. Big graphics placed on the walls and lockers are created by designers from mode:lina, but inspired by original Roy’s Lichtenstein’s art. Finally, the name of the project – the “Boom Office” is taken from one of the wall graphics.

The aim? To create comfortable place for a young businessman with consistent vision.

‘I need space for both individual work and official meetings, with small relaxing space. Everyday i get to work by my motorcycle. That’s why a wardrobe is a must in this conception. Besides my clothes, in my office I mainly keep books and magazines, some documents also. It would be nice if I could have Red bull cooler nearby my desk.’

Two integrated tables divide space into two individual parts, private one, and the other one for official meetings.

In the corner of the room, using space between slanting of the wall and a pillar, designers hid a small wardrobe. After getting off the motorcycle, owner can easily jump into his suit. Overall and helmet will be waiting on the hanger.

All the stuff, including Red bull cooler, is hidden in a big locker, behind the owners’s desk.

PROJECT: Boom Office Interior
DESIGN: mode:lina architekci (Paweł Garus & Jerzy Woźniak)
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Agnieszka Owsiany
REALIZATION: Wrzesień / September 2012
AREA: 32 m2″
Photos: Marcin Ratajczak.









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