BOOM Interactive Light Installation by studioBRAD


“BOOM, an Interactive Light Installation by studioBRAD is located within the newly opened NYC hotspot, Up & Down Nightclub. The installation consists of a series of hanging pyramids with over 900 LEDs capable of over 16.8 million colors and patterns, creating a constantly new viewing experience for onlookers.

BOOM is specifically designed to produce patterns that are generative and unique.The timing of color change is programmed and capable of responding to music in the nightclub as well as to people walking underneath the install. The patterns can be updated and changed throughout the life of the club.

The series of plexiglass pyramids, 1600 in total, were hand sanded to allow for a translucent glow. Each pyramid contains 4 separate arrays of 6 LEDs, wired to custom electronics that allow each pyramid face to light a specific color. Allowing for the patterns within the piece to change based on the angle of the viewer. The experience of the piece is designed to envelop viewers more and more as they walk down the stairs below.”







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