Bookcase by Aïssa Logerot


From Coming Soon Galerie:

A limited edition of eight of Aïssa Logerot‘s “Bookcase”.

This shelf represents a new way of library thinking – horizontally where books lie flat. The wooden structure of “Bookcase” evokes the form of a fallen tree trunk cut into planks. A work of simplicity and wood that highlights Logerot’s interest in projects that purify the stylistic dimension so as to focus on other aspects such as assembly systems and the relationship between the object and the user.

With this apparent simplicity, Aissa Logerot creates “furniture/ sculpture” that includes a measure of asymmetry consisting of six horizontal planks of identical length but of different widths. This visual game “between empty and full” changes the perception of Bookcase depending on the angle of view. Bookcase is a piece of furniture for living that offers new usage scenarios. The shelf is designed as a reading island at the center of a room or lounge. With two facades for storage and the upper shelf located at seat height, Bookcase can be used for library functions, as a console, coffee table and bench.

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