Bolt Light by Anton de Groof

“The passion for traditional mechanics and techniques is the starting point of the contemporary archetype designs of Anton de Groof and his team from Tonone. A fascination that is translated into product lines, with the lamp series Bolt being the first result.

In these industrial lamps the hinge mechanism is set and adjusted with a tool in the form of a wing, the wing and the nut are separated from each other and by putting them together the lamp can be adjusted.

The wing has in addition to that a visible but also iconic main role within the design of the lamp and is forming also the brand of Bolt.

The language in the sense of form of Tonone is all the time based on a mechanical construction that is also a visual part of the product. In the coming product lines from Tonone the construction mechanism will also have a distinctive and visible role in the design.” FvD-Tonone









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A work of art !

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