Blown Lamp by Samuel Wilkinson


“Samuel Wilkinson has designed a pendant light playing on reflection and refraction for Danish brand &tradition.

‘I wanted to explore reflection and refraction in glass, to see how it breaks up the light. I wanted to design something that really enhanced that aspect of the material,’ says London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson.

Blown is a mouth-blown glass pendant light with a variegated lozenged pattern imprinted on the surface which encloses the light source. It comes in two versions: translucent with a silver lustre and sandblasted matte white. Both versions are finished off with a powder-coated die-cast aluminium suspension and a fabric chord.

Wilkinson came to prominence for his involvement with the design of the avant-garde energy efficient light bulb Plumen 001, but this is his first light for &tradition. ‘It’s nice to be working with Samuel Wilkinson on a pendant light that marries traditional form with material innovation in this way,’ says Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. Wilkinson has previously designed the Hoof tables for &tradition.

Like the Hoof tables, Blown is experimenting with a manufacturing process which combines industrial manufacture with a hand-crafted finish. While the making of Blown relies on technical 3dCAD (computer-aided design), the end product is mouth-blown by highly skilled craftsmen, connecting traditional craft with innovative technology.

Blown makes a statement as a standalone item, but works equally as well in clusters or in succession. The two versions cater to a range of interiors, with the sandblasted variant providing a subtle, sophisticated glow, while the translucent version transforms the space it inhabits with the intricate textures and patterning.”







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