Blackboard Tablet by Jonathan Dorthe

“This Blackboard Tablet is perfect to leave messages or make lists of the new restaurants you want to try, or simply to have fun drawing. It comes with a white bistro marker, although many colors of markers are available in craft stores. The tablet has a hole so you can hang it on the wall and its the perfect size to bring with you. The surface is really easy to clean: just wipe it with a cloth and you are ready to start drawing again! The Blackboard Tablet is made of thin stained plywood and reclaimed black arcylic. The reverse side of the wood is laser-etched with a geometric pattern. The marker fits perfectly in the cut-out at the bottom of the tablet. The dimensions are : 10 3/4” x 8 1/4”.” TABLETTE-450-1



TABLET-3D Model (1)



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