Bier Hall Furniture by Martin Goebel

“Urban Chestnut Brewing Company emerged 3 years ago as European brewing conglomerate INBEV purchased Anheuser-Busch. On the 3 year anniversary of UCBC, their 2nd brewery opened in the City of Saint Louis, USA. A previously abandoned warehouse (Renard Paper Co.) in The Grove neighborhood of Saint Louis, UCBC expanded its 17,000 sq ft facility across town into a second nearly 75,000 sq ft facility becoming the largest brewer in the City of Saint Louis, only second to world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch.

Looking to reflect not only the local nature of their industrial new home , UCBC tapped Martin Goebel of Goebel & Co. Furniture to design interior bier hall furniture which would reference both ‘Reverence’ and ‘Revolution’ lines of beer product.

‘UCBC wanted a traditional, but modern feel…. functional but sleek… something to play off of the old warehouse while elevating the rawness of an old factory. I wanted to celebrate raw material much as UCBC does with their beer. My designs reflected this by utilizing not only traditional material and design language but somewhat crude fabrication techniques, which hid nothing. I wanted texture to be the star of the furniture, right under the beer.’ – Martin Goebel, Goebel & Co. co-founder

The table and bench concepts are an economy of form in order to not over shadow the true star, beer. Each material and technique was selected to highlight the best in strength and texture. The tables are created in locally sourced knotty White Pine from nearly 50 Missouri pine trees. The hardware was CNC water jet cut from .25” plate steel. The metal stamp was custom fabricated and stamped in a 50 ton press. While red hot post stamping the distorted plates were individually hand hammered flat with hammer and anvil. Nearly 700 pieces of hardware were created for this project. All wood surfaces of the tables/benches were hand planed to break up surfaces which would see considerable abuse over years of extended use. Pine was selected so that over years of extended use, the surface would pick up significant wear. With nearly 2” thick solid tops and steel re-enforced wood joinery, brutal conditions of beer hall use will only further generate patina on both metal and wood surfaces. A water based custom stain color and European PUR (catalyzed urethane) finish was used to encourage graceful product performance and accentuate uneven surfaces.

‘Our entire goal was to create a timeless experience. In a world of finite product life, we design and created an experience with the furniture that will mesh with the beer creating an unparalleled craft experience which could have been had 100 years ago today or 100 years from now.’

Project: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Bier Hall Furniture 19 tables – 8’, 10’, 16’ 46 benches – to match Seating for 225

Designer: Martin Goebel Fabricator: Goebel & Co. Furniture Delivery Date: January 24, 2014 Design Concept generation: Approx. 6 months Fabrication time: 8 weeks Designed via: Solidworks” bier_hall_furniture_martin_goebel_02





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