Bent Basket by Faris and Celia Elmasu

“It’s been tested in Paris, and finally refined here in Brooklyn, NYC. After it’s publication on MOCO LOCO two years ago, we had to respond to an overwhelming demand for the Bent Basket. Since then we have refined the design and are ready to move away from a garage production and to manufacturing! Bent Basket is made with seven sheets of maple veneer and is hydraulic pressed. We use the same process as skateboard deck manufacturing meaning that this basket is not only strong and flexible, but can also take falls and whatever everyday cycling brings about. A colorful assortment elastic straps that are integrated throughout the platform allowing you to strap pretty much anything down. No need for ugly bungee cords! Today we are launched on Kickstarter to fund our first run of manufacturing.” BeachBike








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One thought on “Bent Basket by Faris and Celia Elmasu

me encanta por su elegancia….sencillez….y lo practico que se ve……..muy ligero visualmente++++++

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