Benchmark Furniture by 5.5 Designstudio

“Accor boosts the Ibis Styles’ image and brand positioning with a design project of identity elements for general services of the hotels.

The goal is to create a conviviality and interaction space in hotels’ lobbies, thanks to the creation of a furniture set with a strong personality. These elements must be unifying brand values, while adapting to the unique designs of each hotel Ibis Styles.

Based on this strategy, Accor sought 5.5 designers so they think ‘furniture markers IBIS STYLES’.

ISSUE: How to create static furniture for dedicated service, whereas today we can connect and drink coffee anywhere?

Lifestyle changes, technological, ecological awareness, globalization, miscegenation and the clash of ideas gave birth to a released generation that mixes uses and disrupts habits.

The result is a strong trend of ‘mix & match’ which comes from these crosses and gives birth to hybrid typologies in which confront styles, uses intersect to form the furniture of our time.

CONCEPT: Materialize each service by a ‘semi-furniture’ to provide a catalog of functions which, by assembling, creates hybrids furniture adapted to new uses and respondents in all configurations spaces thanks to their variable geometries…

This results in an aesthetic of collage, which expresses the idea of mixing and blending specific of our time. These juxtapositions give rise to a formal vocabulary fun and amazing in perfect harmony with Ibis Styles’ spirit.” Photos: Colombe Clier. Benchmark Furniture by 5.5 Designstudio is part of the Les Labels VIA 2013 exhibition. Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

Colombe Clier pour 5.5 designers

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