Bella Maniera Table Linen by Mr. & Mr.


From Mr. & Mr.:

The Bella Maniera collection questions the origins of meals and practices, and provides a new outlook on this convivial rite of sharing and unity. Via a series of simple hand gestures and props the collection revisits the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting « The last Supper ».

An analogy of Jesus Christ’s last dinner with his apostles, it underscores the characters symbolism in a playful way. Created as a series of enigmas, Bella Maniera invites us to marvel at illusions and the tools of our society….

Collection of table linen, 13 place mats (47 x 36 cm), 3 table runners (1 central road 240 x 46 cm and 2 side roads 190 x 46 cm) digital printed on fabric 100 % cotton, washable in machine in 40 °.

Download the PDF with detailed descriptions of each place mat.

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