Beautiful Objects Exhibition at The Aram Gallery

Lili Colley_Blue Deco LEDs Neck Piece_2012

From The Aram Gallery:

Beautiful Objects is The Aram Gallery’s first exhibition on jewellery. The exhibition shows beautiful, thought provoking objects by contemporary working designers.

The making of contemporary jewellery is not something The Aram Gallery has explored previously. We are eager to compare the design process of these makers with processes we have explored and learnt from in previous exhibitions. We might find that there is little difference – designing is designing. Taking these exhibits as our guide we question what motivates and inspires these designers in a drive to demystify their process.

To accompany each designer’s exhibit is a contextual object; something which was related to making of the piece. It could be two images whose paring prompted the selection of material, or a photograph of unusual perspective which inspired composition. These background objects expand on a designer’s methods – they are a snapshot of their thinking.

Every supporting piece has been proposed by the exhibitor with little curatorial intervention, so presenting a true and clear picture of their methods. In addition, the gallery has asked each participant some tailored questions, the answers to which will further illuminate on their approach.

There are a number of international players who dominate the jewellery scene, both makers and galleries. We draw attention to the wealth of contemporary jewellers living and working in the UK, exhibiting work only by those based here.

Beautiful Objects will be open at The Aram Gallery from 22 November 2012 – 12 January 2013

Jewellery above from left to right; Four Colours by Karola Torkas, Necklace by Katy Hackney, Blue Deco LEDS Neck Piece by Lili Colley, Pin Cushion by Maria Militsi, Little Pony Thailand by Maud Traon, Weidenbach / Klein, Emotions Brooch by Zoe Arnold, Opinion 1 by Zoe Arnold.

Artists also showing include; Eleanor Bolton, Simone Brewster, Caroline Broadhead, Lin Cheung, Naomi Filmer, Sarah King, Lina Peterson, Laura Potter, Mah Rana, and Hans Stofer.

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