Beautiful Objects Exhibition at The Aram Gallery


From The Aram Gallery:

It is hard to trace the roots of when an exhibition on jewellery at The Aram Gallery was first decided upon. But one thing that was always there from the start was the determination that any jewellery show was to focus on jewellery as a design object.

We began with a long long long long long list of possible exhibitors. Established jewellers, people working on the cusp of the jewellery field, product designers dipping a toe into making jewellery, emerging jewellers, graduating jewellers, jewellers abroad, jewellers at home… the common denominator being that all produced interesting thought provoking objects which were about or for the body.

But how to link these beautiful objects? We decided the best way to approach this quandary was to stay true to what The Aram Gallery is know for and focus on what we do best; revealing designers process.

Many exhibitions, newspaper and magazine articles, interviews now pay great attention to how designers do what they do; it seems as a public we are curious to get a behind the scenes look at ‘how it’s made’, and we as galleries and museums are only too happy to oblige, adding depth to our exhibitions by attributing equal value to a material test as to a finished object. For this show, however, we wanted to approach showing process a little differently.

We did a number of revisions of that long long long long list of possible exhibitors – each edited with a few set criteria in mind. In the end we had got it down to a group of captivating objects; a selection of pieces which fascinated both in concept and material application.

In Beautiful Objects we do not explain how the exhibits are made, instead we reveal how they came about by showing where the idea for their making came from.

In most cases this [thought]process revealing object is an object bought, found or given to the exhibitor, in others it is something they have. Each, goes some way to showing our audience how these makers think about making and in so doing, help you gain a better understanding of how they approach designing.

It would not be right to introduce this exhibition without saying grateful thanks to those who helped realise it. For
guidance, inspiration and confidence I am indebted to Corinne Julius. And for when I couldn’t find a brass screw small enough or a light bulb bright enough, I thank these exhibitors.

Zoe Arnold
Stephanie Bila
Eleanor Bolton
Simone Brewster
Caroline Broadhead
Lin Cheung
Lili Colley
Naomi Filmer
Katy Hackney
Sarah King
Maria Militsi
Lina Peterson
Laura Potter
Mah Rana
David Roux-Fouillet
Hans Stofer
Karola Torkos
Maud Traon
Weidenbach / Klein

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