B U K Sideboard by Ji Delugré

“B U K is a sideboard made of solid oak. The essence of my work revolves around the relationship between light and shadow. Emotional metaphor, incandescent, this relationship evokes memories as it inspires dreams. Immaterial, both entities offer more than a world to live and feel. Beyond mere aesthetic concept, it gives us a perpetual rebirth.

With these reflections for I thought, imagined B U K. Reading once again WOMEN (by Bukowski as a matter of fact) that focuses and furiously express that ” Ordinary Madness ” that governs our lives, this complex relationship between light and shadow, or joy and misery. I trust that it provides an abstract and subjective introspection to the eyes of each and every one of us.

Made by ESTAMPILLE52 workshop (at the “Viaduc des Arts” in Paris), in solid french oak simply waxed, it is the result of an elaborate production method, valuing the heritage and traditions of craftsmanship while using innovative techniques.”






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