Associates Show at Toronto Design Offsite 2012


A selection of items from the 2012 Associates show at Toronto Design Offsite. “Associates has designers examine the nature of object relationships by creating two or more pieces that address topics such as sexuality, luxury, the vernacular, ambition, symbols, and geometry.”

Above, from left to right:

- Lights by Jessica Nakanishi, consisting of three wall hung pictures whose designs are adopted from the iconic form of the necklace. “The light source assumes the place of the pendant, becoming the centerpiece of the jewelry.”

- Felt Mountaintops by Joy Charbonneau, see more in our post.

- Lightweight by The Practice of Everyday Design, a light that can be slung over any elevated support. It is suspended in the air by an electric wire, which wraps around an anchor before plugging into the outlet.

- Little Italy by Chromoly, a side table with a twisted steel structure – an element that is common in some Toronto neighbourhoods. “Despite this, these materials are generally held in fairly low regard. Little Italy assumes that these materials are part of a sort of overlooked Toronto vernacular and acknowledges the positive qualities of these materials that have led to their ubiquity.”

- Pedestal Pieces by Zoë Mowat, sculptural tables and bowls that incorporate walnut hardwood, industrial felt, and coloured hand-turned wooden forms. “The table surface and bowl are raised, elevating their respective functions. The relationship is mutualistic; both objects benefit by association with the other.”

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