Anatomy Of The Inside Mirror by Konrad Bialowas

“The function of the mirror is to high lightning the user, to provoke the sensation that your ego can be found within an object, also investigating the construction of the anatomy within the space. The mirrors insert the user into an object that is in a particular size that stimulates the feeling of physically entering with the size of the object. The mirrors within the object are distorted which gives a twisted conception of the image displayed. Since a mirror is reflecting reality or a projected reality (convention) the mirror was reshaped that it produced an irrational image of the person in front of it.

This distortion suggest a deformed image of reality thus relating to the subconscious and irrational means, which on the other hand can provoke the possibilities of irrational thoughts flowing within the object. The object resembles more of a cabinet with the mirrors close to the edge leaving a dark space (the unknown) to further investigate, which is also you in connection to the mirrors. Therefore the investigation of the anatomy of the object that is left to study is actually a study of the person’s imagination and sub conscious thoughts.” anatomy_of_the_inside_mirror_konrad_bialowas_02








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