Air Premium Clear Malt Beverage

Air Premium Clear Malt Beverage

Water + alcohol. Carbonated. All natural. 95 calories. New… Aiming apparently for the “just the buzz, ma’am” market, Air Premium Clear Malt Beverage is uncompromisingly minimal. The taste of alcohol has been near-totally masked, the 4% ABV makes it about the equivalent of half a cocktail or one beer, and the low cal count ranks it exceedingly lite. There are flavours, but only a dry hint of berry, citrus, or club, that last sounding like a stand-in for the ever-popularly neutral vodka and soda—essentially, your liquor delivered lean and clean in a sleekly modern can. Before you know it, you’ll be using Air as a bottled water substitute, and won’t that be interesting! Rolling out now in select West Coast USA locations, with expansion plans for everywhere, soon. A four-pack lists for $6.99.

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