Advertising Trophies by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh

“The five newly crafted trophies, inspired by New York’s classic Art Deco skyscrapers, will debut May 1st at the 2014 New York Showâ„¢ Gala. The five sizes and designs for the World’s Best Ideaâ„¢, Grand Prize, First Prize, and Third Prize awards will be cast in aluminum and powder-coated in monochromatic colors and will range from 8 to12.5 inches. The variety of sizes and color variances will allow award-winners to create their own multi-dimensional version of the New York City skyline in their trophy case.

Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh had this to say about the inspiration for the new trophy, ‘The new design for the New York Festivals trophies takes on a form inspired by Art Deco architecture, but contemporary in nature. Our goal was to create a beautiful yet unassuming form that would be displayed on the winner’s shelves. Over time as people collect their trophies they will create an abstract version of a New York City skyline. Additionally, there is a small projector placed in the bottom of the trophy, so when the winners lifts their trophy up, their names will be revealed through an LED projector.’

‘We created a trophy that we would love to receive ourselves,’ added Stefan Sagmeister, ‘something that feels good when you lift it up, something that looks good as a grouping when you earn a few of them, and something that displays the winner’s names in a new and innovative way—we’ve always hated the little glued on metal name plates.'”

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