A Tailor’s Ritual by chmara.rosinke


“Ever since 1948, the Viennese manufacture of Wäscheflott has been a household name for bespoke shirts and for the production of underwear and linens. Their traditional way of shirt-making performs not only a high perfection in finish and details but also a demanding customer service in a sense of a customer experience.

A very intimate ritual of measuring the body and the trying on of a mock-up shirt by the customer – undertaken in a process of shirt-making- and presenting a ready made garment became our focus of interest in the Vienna Design Week Passionswege project. The final object expresses the carefulness for quality of the manufacturer and heads to become a quiet director of the shirt-trying ritual. The wardrobe is to be specially prepared and arranged before coming of the awaited customer.

Turnable brass hangers to hang a ready-made and a mock-up shirt (Wäscheflott always tailor a trial shirt before making the final one) so that they can be beautifully presented and then tried on by the customer, as well a space for tailoring tools in a small bag ( measuring tool, needles,pins..). The second round mirror is used to proof how the shirt fits the body in the back and in the waist area – the second reflection can be seen in the big rectangular mirror.

Except from designing and realizing the above described object, our project was replenished by a number of small interventions in the shop that try to improve the way the quality of bespoke shirts made by wäscheflott are communicated. The redesign of the shop include a new lamp (make it Europe lampmade ) from our portfolio, a new shop display as well as ci tools like business cards.” chmararosinke.com











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