6×6 Hanging Rail by Charlotte Sunnen and Aurélie Mathieu

“Originating from a partnership with the marble mason’s workshop ‘Gros-Derudet’ based in Lyon, 6×6 is a project optimising physical properties of stone to get rid of the traditional constraints. Inspired by wooden laminated panels, this material is designed as a sandwich of stones glued together and then cut into 6 cm by 6 cm battens. This method is increasing significantly the rigidity of the rock by creating a new raw material. It then becomes possible to produce pieces of a much greater range and at the same time it gives a chance to use the left overs produced by this industry. This approach allows to implement a system which creates large structures while preserving its fine stone range. 6×6 takes the archetypal form of a hanging rail and stages laminated stone into a new aesthetic.

Grande is a collaboration between Aurélie Mathieu and Charlotte Sunnen, two designers based in Switzerland who recently graduated from ECAL.” 6x6_hanging_rail_charlotte_sunnen_aurelie_mathieu_02



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One thought on “6×6 Hanging Rail by Charlotte Sunnen and Aurélie Mathieu

Très intéressant, bonnes perspectives d’utilisation de la pierre

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