25 Minutes of protest in the smoke, by Luzinterruptus


From Luzinterruptus:

The night of January 31 we took to the street to “perpetrate” an intervention that we’ve wanted to carry out for some time and that night it made more sense than ever.

At that time, people had taken to the streets in a spontaneous manner, to protest against the scandalous political corruption that had been uncovered by a national newspaper and which implicated, with names and surnames, the entire leadership of the Spanish government.

While the powers that be were entertained, trying to “control” public order at the headquarters of the PP of Madrid, we chose a central street, close to Gran Via, and there we carried out our light/sound, 25 Minutes of protest in the smoke.

The action was very simple, only a few completely harmless, small, homemade smoke bombs that are placed under 9 powerful lampposts, in order to totally obscure the most illuminated street in the area, under a dense cloud of smoke.

This environment, belonging to a post-conflict zone or of a church during the hours of mass, was inviting to stay and watch as the smoke materialized the beams of light from the lampposts, forming imperfect cones in space, within which the smoke evolved in hypnotic movements.

To improve the scene being staged, the smoke managed to activate all the fire alarms on Gran Via which rang for a long time, contributing significantly to the general malaise that reigned on the streets at that time.

And the smoke carried through the air, causing the entire area to eventually be covered with a whitish layer that produced a feeling of heaviness and sadness, as well as being very strange because the smoke and the sound of the alarms were not accompanied either by fire or a burning smell.

This piece also served, in addition, to ratify for us our idea of just how necessary a softer, more sustainable lighting is for the contamination in Madrid, which brilliance perpetuates, lets the night pass with its shadows.

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