January, 2014


CC Chair by Kaj Niegmann

“CC was a three week project exploring the properties of bent plywood. Three molds were made that would produce multiple parts of the chair,…


St Barth Collection by Luis Pons

“Luis Pons’ collection for the Hotel Guanahani & Spa in St. Barth’s evokes classical French Colonial style, though it’s much lighter, resonating with modern…


Soft Time by Albert Salamon

“I designed new softwatch collection for Pebble steel smartwatch. I feel that this is new way of thinking about time and watchface design.” ttmm.eu


Lump Collection Lacquerware by Nendo

“New lacquerware ‘lump collection’ for Urushi Kobo Oshima known as a Japanese traditional lacquer workshop. lump-bowl / lump-cup / lump-plate Urushi Kobo Oshima, a…