2014 OnOurTable Collection by Geoffrey Lilge

“OnOurTable is pleased to introduce it’s 2014 collection for the kitchen and dining room, designed by Canadian designer Geoffrey Lilge.

Featuring 12 new products crafted in solid American black walnut, the OnOurTable 2014 collection stands out in the tabletop market with a refined combination of functional contemporary design and high quality, local craft manufacturing.

‘Our woodshop is right beside my office, and I am as connected to the process of making the boards as a designer can be. The direction that the wood is milled can make all the difference, and walnut looks beautiful when when the edge grain is exposed. This collection is all about the beauty of edge grain.’ says Lilge.

While wood boards and accessories seem to be popping up all over, Lilge says this is a good thing, ‘Boards are an accessible product for designers to produce a prototype or two, and I like to see what different designers come up with. I am totally obsessed with the product category and pushing the limits of our machines. We developed our own custom tooling for several pieces and worked through roughly 50 prototypes.’ This obsession shows through in the details and production quality of the 2014 collection.” 2014_onourtable_collection_geoffrey_lilge_02







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