November, 2013


Boutonnière Lapel Pin by Omer Polak

“Since the beginning of mankind, flowers were used for various purposes including decoration and camouflage. Many flowers and their scents have gained recognition and…


Wings Wall Light by Nadadora

“Wings is made by aluminum sheets that directs the light in two intensities generating a set of light and shadow lines.”


Nieuw Waterlandplein Podium by Tjep

“Commissioned by Ymere as a part of their redevelopment of Nieuw Waterlandplein in Amsterdam-North, this project was to develop a communal space and stage…


Netatmo Thermostat by Philippe Starck

“Netatmo, an innovation company developing consumer electronics, and Philippe Starck create the smartphone connected Thermostat ; An intelligent Thermostat to control heating remotely and…