2012 Assembly Collection by Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly


From Assembly:

Founded in 2012 by Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly, Assembly is a design studio located between New York City and Western Massachusetts.

Assembly values and supports art and craft based practice. The more we can know and understand about process, materials, and techniques — both new and old— the more creative power we have. In a time of unprecedented technological expansion and possibility, we believe that it is important to keep using what is literally right at our own fingertips: our hands.

Assembly works with artists, craftspeople, and fabricators throughout the Northeastern, U.S. From furniture and objects to interior and site spe­cific installations our approach to design is inter­disciplinary in spirit and process. We source hand blown glass in Philadelphia, collaborate with weld­ers in Massachusetts, finishers in NY, and textile fabricators in Brooklyn.

Assembly is committed to producing high quality products with a forward thinking aesthetic all the while encouraging an economic model that supports small businesses and studio practices in the U.S. Assembly products are fresh, thoughtful, and made with care.

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