1888 Candleholders by Faton Gjoni

“1888 is a collection of candleholders made in hand blown glass designed by Faton Gjoni for secondome. The name 1888 is the key inspiration from Victorian Era, a traditional approach for a contemporary shape. A candleholder itself can encompass more than its function, it can attract the eye of viewer pleasantly by merging curves of female with traditional classical shapes folded with Victorian era pride moulded into contemporary geometry.” 1888 Candleholders will be shown during Milan Design Week 2014 at Salone H+ via Varese 12 Milano, Italy. 1888_candleholders_faton_gjoni_2




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3 thoughts on “1888 Candleholders by Faton Gjoni

March 25, 2014 Patrizio Gerardi

Complimenti , tutto fantastico…

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