14.70 Eur/Kg Chair by Alexander Xanthakis

From Alexander Xanthakis:

Economical situation push young designers like me to think humbly in order to succeed. There is no money to spend in expensive furniture today, at least in Greece where I live. In order to sell my design, the object should be clear, strong and affordable: Minimal because it has to be.

The contradiction nowadays is the association of minimal design to luxury. A minimal object cannot be expensive; it is a need for the furniture market.

99.99 Euros per chair is the price that I cannot exceed. This concrete limit constrained my process and pushed me to give an optimized product with a realistic project.

My methodology is to think in a minimalistic way from the raw material, during the production labor, until the way of selling the final product. Each constituting details should satisfy both structural, aesthetic and economic function.


- Steel sheet brazed to the frame
- Removable magnetic vinyl
- Optional lined cretan leather “vachetta”

This chair is suitable for outdoor use & does not stack.

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