1:13 The thirteen chairs that were never painted in Leonardo’s Last Supper

“It’s an exhibit about the famous masterpiece The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci. 13 young and famous designers were called to look beyond the scene and imagine the thirteen -never seen before- seats of Jesus and the Apostles. Each designer gave his own interpretation of the symbolic connection between one of the Saints and his chair, with creativity and the due respect.

The 13 chairs will thus be revealed On 19 October, together with contributions of 13 photographers and 13 critics at MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, Italy).” 1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_02

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_03 Jesus, Sedio by Alessandro Guerriero

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_04 Judas Iscariot, Vincent #5 by Designer » Alberto Biagetti

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_05 Andrew the Apostle, Supplizio by Brian Sironi

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_06 Philip the Apostle, PANIEPESCI by Alessandro Zambelli

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_07 James the Less, Giusta by JoeVelluto

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_08 Jude Thaddeus, Giuda Taddeo by Gumdesign

1_13_the_thirteen_chairs_that_were_never_painted_in_leonardos_last_supper_09 Matthew the Evangelist, Seguimi by Sovrappensiero

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