Office Y03 by dontDIY

Completed while its owner was on a two-week vacation, this office renovation was a surprise gift on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary….


ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

Toronto-based ecobee has introduced a smart thermostat with remote sensors to measure the entire house. Details: ecobee3 is third generation of ecobee’s line of…


Kinoya Restaurant by Jean de Lessard

The spirit, function and aesthetics of izakaya, Japanese taverns, informed the transformation of Kinoya, a restaurant inside a restaurant in Montreal. Details: Using fractal…


Narcisse Chair by NOCOD Studio

NOCOD Studio’s Narcisse (narcissist in French) has a mirror for a seat back. Details: The round seat back, covered with reflective metal sheet, can…


Street heartbeats by Luzinterruptus

Spanish light installation artists Luzinterruptus traveled to Tartu, Estonia to poetically visualize the city’s vital heartbeats. Details: 1,000 hearts made from simple objects such…

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