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Undefined Objects by Romin Heide


From Romin Heide, a series of objects for the household with no defined purpose, but that “can be imagined used for various purposes such as in the kitchen, as tableware or in living rooms”.


The objects range from simple containers to small furniture (by stacking them together) and can be combined with things one already has at home.


Says Heide, “Based on a theoretical approach and research work in the field, the work ‘undefinierte objekte’ creates objects nearly free from associations with known categories. Like people who improvise or like playing children do, these objects become what the are in the moment of use. This means, the user is free to decide what the specific object serves for. He gains freedom concerning his objects, a freedom completely normal for playing children.”


“The objects can be stacked and assembled in a very simple and intuitive way. Doing this they gain different meanings and possibilities of using them. The material has strong influence on the way objects are perceived. For this reason various different materials were chosen: glass – clear and tinted, polished aluminium, anodized aluminium, powdercoated steel, ash wood, white plastic, stoneware and papier mache.”


“The different objects can be combined and stacked easily. they integrate themselves seamlessly with daily life. Compound objects develop: simple open and closed containers and various kinds of small furniture. These various ways of use develop the relationship between man and object.”

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