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Tord Boontje and Target


The cat’s out of the bag, designer Tord Boontje and Target are collaborating on a new Boontje collection for the chain just in time for the holiday season. Target has worked with designers before to create special “house” collections, but this one goes further… not only did Boontje design more than 30 pieces, he was also tapped to design the product packaging AND the advertising campaign that will be promoting the line. How do we know? We interviewed him. Watch this space next Wednesday for it.

+ Red Hot Shop (search for “Tord”)


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2 thoughts on “Tord Boontje and Target

October 27, 2006 Kraftykidd

This is great! Tord is one of my favorite designers. I saw some of the packaging at Target tonight. I can’t wait to see the complete collection!

Dear MoCo Loco,

Your eye candy is lovely for at least the next few years…

Americana blah

Abercrombie now, not the the old Abercrombie

Bongiovi from Jersey, DMB from Va, 311 from Ne, Phish from Vt, EAST COAST?

Actually, it’s kinda Co, even though I’ve never been there… (!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love- keep on keepin’ on,


PS- The will be no test on state abbreviations! ๐Ÿ™‚

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