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The motifs on these blankets are inspired by the wool thread used to make them.

Details: The striking motifs on Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer’s Naturpledd blankets are inspired by the wool thread used to make the blankets as well as the different techniques used to turn them into decorative and functional structures; weaving, braiding, knotting and balling.


Five Melvaer combined her two disciplines, industrial design and graphic design, to create the blankets.


The Naturpledd series contains only the sheep’s natural colors – excluding all dyestuffs and additives – which results in a 100% natural product.


The blankets are made by Norwegian manufacturer Roros Tweed building on a local tradition for textile craftsmanship that goes back centuries. The carefully sorted blend of Norwegian wool is carded, spun, twisted, dyed, woven and finished at the company’s facilities in Norway.


Naturpledd was pre-launched by Roros Tweed at ICFF 2015 in New York and the European launch will take place at the Gifts and Interior Trade Fair in Lillestrom in August 2015.


Source: Photos by Erik Five Gunnerud. Via MOCO Submit.






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2 thoughts on “The motifs on these blankets are inspired by the wool thread used to make them.

May 19, 2015 Nicole LORANGER Reply

What is the size of the blanket?
In Canadian dollars, what would be the price of a blanket?
thank you! Nicole

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