SyncFab wrench bearing Avoiron Liberty

3D Print
Bronze Beginning

This is an adaptation of the original Avoirin model used by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi (French, 1834-1904) to promote investment by the citizens of France in his larger-scale project. We have created this model in Bronze and 3D Printed as well as in 2D Form which has inspired us at SyncFab to undertake our current mission to empower designers to take their power back.

SyncFab recently launched a Kickstarter with just 15 days left to reach our goal and a great need to get our important message out while there is still time left. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to speak with someone from your organization.

In partnership with Veterans of the Made-In-LA Program and Pasadena Design Center and Otis College of Art & Design we are building a localized ecosystem of Student and Professional Designers, 3D Printers and Specialty Fabricators.

We are addressing a structural quality and qualitative deficiency in the generic mass consumer design and offshore mass production model propogated by MNC Boards of Directors.

SyncFab empowers local entrepreneurs, designers and manufacturers to deliver more custom content, higher quality creations more rapidly in support of local ecosystems.

I am available 24/7 as we are working around the clock with no PR Backing.