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Urban Tweeters

Urban Tweeters are elegant birds you can dine with! Enjoy the charm of outdoors offered by this set of sublime drink-ware. Created using ceramic and wood, this drinkware set captures the ethereal beauty of the bird it was inspired from, the Indian Robin. The Indian Robin has a distinctive upturned tail which characterizes the wooden […]

iPad cases by Azbukka

Woven geometrical iPad cases by Azbukka

A creative studio Azbukka launches its first collection of handmade gadget accessories – iPad cases ‘Woo’, ‘Honey’, ‘Black’ and ‘Liquid Concrete’. The cases are designed by using two materials – wood (or acrylic) and elastic. Firm geometrical pieces are connected together with interwoven elastic which protrudes on the outer and inner sides of the case. […]



ATE-R is a concrete handmade pencilholder, is part of our “Architecture Collection”, inspired by the architectural brutalism with an expressive aesthetic by the balance of its horizontal elements and his repetitive angular geometry, besides the concrete is used for its raw and unpretentious honesty. The concept is to create unique pieces that represent a significant […]

Strand table.  Walnut.

Strand End Table and Craftsman Bench

Strand End Table – Named after a beach-side street in Santa Monica, Strand features a series of versatile tables – a perfect reflection of craftsmanship, modern design, and West Coast aesthetic. When mounted against a wall, the end table becomes a structurally sound place to sit or be used as a bedside table. The base […]



a new stove from tiles of 3 old stoves.

Office Y03

Office Y03

Office Y03 where: Sofia, Bulgaria project: January-March 2013 realisation: May 2013 area: 44 sq.m. design: dontDIY ( – Stefan Minkov, Hristo Stankushev, Svetoslav Michev photos by: Asen Emilov The office renovation project Y03 was initiated in early 2013 and it was built in less than two weeks in May 2013. It was a surprise gift […]

Toa - Davide Conti design studio - Ardesia Mangini


“Toa” is a collection of two tables in high-quality slate with legs and details in beechwood finely worked. The table has an internal structure consisting of a steel frame which acts as a union between the top surface and the legs, allowing to hide the steel structure so the legs seems to emerge from the […]

Olim: Furniture for the Modern Nomad

Olim: Furniture for the Modern Nomad

Olim is a collection of nomadic furniture designed to transition and grow with the modern nomad. The collection is exhibiting at Tent London during London Design Week 2014 Home no longer exists as a geographical location, but rather as an emotional connection between people and the objects we call our own. As technology makes the […]

Hezímia is founded on the principles of creativity, originality and ability. Producing unique and exclusive pieces, handmade and designed from the beginning sketch to end production.


Hezímia is a handbag, wallet and accessories brand.

Paperweights, cards holder, pen holder

Trinity Desk Set

An original office desk set, consisting of three balls, created to hold stationery. A ball is a unification of limited and limitless, a symbol of completeness and harmony. A functional and esthetic solution. Paperweight, which is the smallest ball does not roll down from the surface because all the balls are made on the basis […]


TAKE ? – Power to the function! When the design chooses to rediscover its roots

TAKE? (Japanese for bamboo) carafes and glasses in hand crafted borosilicate glass Power to the function! When the design chooses to rediscover its roots The first born in the family is the TAKE 75 cl carafe, the result of the principle: decoration = function. The project aimed to create objects to use, items in which […]

SIA Scotch Whisky Bottle

SIA Scotch Whisky Bottle

SIA is new, and unique brand of Scotch Whisky that’s breaking all the rules. Created by former Creative Director/Graphic Designer Carin Luna-Ostaseski, as a whisky to break the stereotype that Scotch is your grandfather’s drink. Everything from the taste of the spirit, to the bottle shape, package design and even the name was specifically designed […]

The Gro, Else and Marie vases

Graphic Vases by Kristine Five Melvær for Magnor Glassverk

Graphic vases: The experiment Graphic Vases is a collaboration between Kristine Five Melvær and the Norwegian glass manufacturer Magnor Glassverk, exhibited for the first time at the Verdi exhibition at Norway Designs in Oslo September 2014. The vases explore the tension and the relationship between the three-dimensional shapes and graphic surfaces of the objects. The […]

PET Great White Shark

PET Great White Shark

Hello- keen to know if you guys would like to cover this product? I intend to go live on KS next week Best regards Mike

photo by Francesco Castagna

Casa Fiera

The building is located in the heart of the antique Fiera harbor neighbor of Treviso, right in front of S.Ambrogio Church. Like the neighbor itself, the building has also experienced various interventions in the recent centuries. The project aimed to renovate and complement the pre-existing structure of the house with a small volume. This additional […]