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Stefan Boublil Visits Adam Kalkin’s Bunny Lane House

Saw this on theApt Broadcast today, “this house is basically an airplane hangar that encompasses an old-fashioned wood home, exactly as it would if this were a sitcom set.”. Built in 2001, Adam Kalkin‘s Bunny Lane House has been well documented in contemporary architecture books, but this is the first time it’s gotten the full Stefan Boublil treatment. “His home, built 2001 on the former Pfizer estate is basically an ode to the sound-stages of old, a place in which dreams are allowed to come true. As you can see in the pics i was able to shoot in between dropping the camera on the floor, there is not much here that can be derided. (Do yourself a favor and expand the slideshow to full-screen.)”. Read and see more here.

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