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Segment Table by Seth Murray and Bret Recor


San Francisco-based Box Clever’s Segment table is a system with channels in the surface for functional accessories and cord management.


The table “addresses the convergence of life and work.” says Box Clever.


The table’s multi-part surface, made of concrete, is inspired by the shifting tectonic plates “always on the minds of San Franciscans”.


Four slabs of concrete come together to form the structure, leaving a narrow opening between each section that continues down through the legs. The gap creates a functional channel for a unique system of accessories and cord management.


A set of three accessories was designed in tandem with the table. They lock securely into the channel and give the impression of oating above the fractured surface. Each accessory is made of copper, brass or aluminum.


“They each have the ability to transform from lifestyle objects to more utilitarian ones with the addition of corresponding top plates. The brass bowl becomes a convenient perforated tray for workday incidentals and writing utensils.”


“The low copper dish transforms into a pivoting platform for a monitor while the table’s open channel allows cords to be discreetly hidden away. The long polished aluminum tray becomes a dock for a phone and tablet.”


Segment’s steel frame is colored a satin grey-blue to emphasize the lines of the channel cutting across the surface. The top sections are custom 1/2″ poured-and-nished concrete by Oakland-based Concreteworks.


“The design process was organic. Once we arrived at the concept of the fractured surface there were suddenly so many possibilities to create additional function – so many different scenarios to play out for work and for everyday life. Segment looks at how beauty and function can coexist and evolve from one scene to the next.”

Photos: Mark Serr.


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