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Rubber Bands Dress II by Margarita Mileva


Recently submitted for the WEAR is ART competition in Berlin, Margarita Mileva’s Rubber Bands Dress was inspired by Paul Klee and Bauhaus.


The dress uses four kilograms, 8.8 pounds, of rubber bands of various colors, lengths and sizes. Approximately 14,235 rubber bands in total, 12,000 for the dress itself, 2,225 for the belt and 100 for the hair piece.


“Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it.

It will possess me always, I know it.”

Paul Klee

Says Mileva, “I can associate with Paul Klee in the way that I see the surrounding world. Raised in a family with mother-sculptor and father-painter, I have always been intrigued by different art forms. Shapes, volumes and colors fascinate me, and quite often I am also looking for similar expression in the my architectural and interior projects.”



Margarita Mileva is an architect based in New York who has previously explored the potential of rubber bands for jewelry.


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