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Rose Luster by Lorraine Peltz


Lorraine Peltz continues to use the symbolism of the chandelier in her latest series of paintings in a new exhibition entitled Luster. This is the Chicago artist’s first show at Hilton/Asmus Contemporary, where “[t]hese paintings are in keeping with Peltz’s larger oeuvre where one finds vast fields of atmospheric color supporting layers of pictorial motifs. Peltz’s customary engagement with some of the languages of art–contour drawings, trompe l’oeil rendering and thinly and thickly applied flat areas of paint–appear here again, along with her uncanny way of creating images that seem to slip in and out of focus.”

Artist: Lorraine Peltz


Luster runs through november 16, 2013 at Hilton-Asmus Contemporary in Chicago.


Chandelier Green Stripes


Chandelier Black Blue Pink


Rose Luster

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