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New Sustainable Homes: Designs for Healthy Living

new_sustainable_homes_book.jpgThis is James Grayson Trulove’s latest book on sustainable home design. Trulove is one of the most prolific authors of contemporary home design books and I think it’s interesting to note the trend in his latest work towards sustainable design. Is it a reflection of his tastes or the market? I’d bet on the market, it is after all, ultimately, about selling houses and books. Ah, but not at the expense of aesthetics, a Trulove trademark. The homes featured in this book easily rival the look of any you can find in his previous work, sustainable or not. Not hard to do when you’re featuring work by architects such as Pugh+Scarpa Architecture, E. Cobb Architects, James Grose, and Steven Erlich. 15 projects in all will be included replete with the usual lush photography, floor plans and detailed drawings that illustrate key sustainable features… such as:

1) the use of pervious concrete on driveways that allows water to seep through to the water table below.

2) using bio-fiber panels in lieu of plywood for interior finishing

3) using organic, green roofs that improve insulation, absorb sound and manage storm-water runoff

4) solar water heating systems

5) use of high thermal performance windows

6) photovoltaic electrical systems

One day sustainable architecture will just be architecture. In the meantime, books like these will help. Hardcover, 176 pages, well illustrated, $18.87 at Amazon, due in December.

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