X-9 Nighthawk

X-9 Nighthawk

Yes, Stealth bombers and the Dark Knight’s Batcycle come to mind with the experimental X-9 Nighthawk advanced, fixed-gear concept bike by Brano Meres Engineering and Design—this is the actual working prototype, not a rendering. The focus is the frame, an exotic combination of carbon fiber skin over water-jet cut panels of aramid honeycomb (think Kevlar). The belt drive fixie is not only tough, lightweight and angularly sinister, it is also unstrippable for parts, incorporating the radical Atomic22 infiniti3D security system that locks down bike components with a each-one-unique patent-pending 3D key. X-9 designer Meres, based in Bratislavia, Slovakia, has his own rather exotic pedigree, a specialist in Thermal Power Engineering, with a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering, who deals with mathematical simulation and design of municipal heating networks, worked for years in the optimization, reconstruction, and modernization of energy systems, and also works as a designer of laser devices for industrial and military applications (at METRODAT s.r.o.), a photographer and a freelance industrial designer. Go, Bruno!

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  1. This looks fantastic! Have you considered expanding into mountainbikes? I would leap at the idea of a stealth MTB.

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