White Pike Whiskey

White Pike Whiskey

White Pike Whiskey

Call it white dog, white lightning, light whiskey, or plain old moonshine, there’s a trend on in drinkin’ circles for clear, unaged white whiskey, and designer White Pike Whiskey is joining the party. This particular white is the joint venture of New York City creative agency. Mother, and family-owned, Alabama-trained handcrafters, Finger Lakes Distilling (interestingly located in the heart of New York State wine country). The young one is made purely from locally-sourced organic spelt, corn, and malted wheat, and barrel-aged for exactly 18 minutes. Versatile and no-nonsense, relying entirely on the bare flavours of the ingredients and the Master Distiller’s skills, you can shoot it fast, sip it slow, or mix it with anything from pomegranate juice to pickle brine—that’s the master’s word.

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organic spelt, corn, malted wheat

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