Video: Volvo Concept Coupe Hybrid

You want it, the drool factor is definitely in effect, but you can’t have the Volvo Concept Coupe Hybrid just yet because, well, it’s still on the concept stage. You can let your eyes caress the streamlined shape, and imagine the surge of a combined gas and electric 400hp. Touchscreen controls and a heads-up display keep the dashboard streamlined and uncluttered. Plug-in recharging allows independent full-electric operation. And Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture platform means a path to eventual autonomous driving. It’s part of a new design wave for Volvo, with production models arriving beginning in 2014. $TBA.







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One thought on “Video: Volvo Concept Coupe Hybrid

  1. Still VOLVO – very recognizable cars!. One of the brands ,which keeps the outlines and other ones should learn from them. I am always wondering what is the next model. This one is a little bit like the Jaguar from Bertone, but amazing!

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