Volkswagen GTI (MkVII) 2014

The car that popularly put the “hot” in hatchback, back in the 1970s, returns for a seventh generation as the Volkswagen GTI (MkVII) 2014: slimmed down, beefed up, hotter than ever. Fully updated, the GTI MkVII delivers 220hp, 153-mph top speed, and 0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds, with 6-speed automatic or manual transmission, slightly reduced weight, 18% better mileage, 17-inch Brooklyn wheels with 225-section rubber, an aggressive, honeycombed snout, and for the first time, an optional performance package that ups the horsepower by 10. It comes in Black, Pure White, and Tornado Red. The new hot hatch officially unveils at next month’s Geneva Auto Show. Announced availability and pricing are Euro-only for the moment: in May, starting at €28,350 (about $38,000).



Via Autoblog

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